Launch strategy and implementation

Remap Consulting is your pricing and market access launch partner, helping you:

  • Develop and implement a pricing and market access launch strategy

  • Provide pricing and market access launch expertise to global, regional and local teams

  • Prepare, file and co-ordinate country specific pricing and reimbursement submissions

  • Obtain payer scientific advice to integrate payer insights into your clinical development program

  • Develop a value proposition that resonates with payers, through value message testing across a wide range of markets

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Pricing and reimbursement launch strategies

Successfully developing and executing an optimal launch strategy is the critical challenge to maximize the commercial potential of your product.

We can develop your pricing and market access launch strategy, from development and adaptation of the pricing strategy through to submission of local HTA or pricing and reimbursement dossiers to achieve timely reimbursement. Our expertise in global product launches and involvement in over 40 pricing and reimbursement submissions, provides real world insights that can help ensure a successful product launch.

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Pricing and market access launch tools

Payer scientific advice and parallel consultations

Designing the clinical development program with the payer in mind ensures that key trial design elements, such as patient populations, endpoints and comparators, can be incorporated to demonstrate product value, differentiate from competitors and support patient access.

Payer insights can be obtained through formal routes (such as the EMA-EUnetHTA Parallel Consultation, or country-specific processes e.g. NICE’s scientific advice) or via discussion with our extensive network of payers and country experts.

Payer value proposition and value message testing

Communicating the value of your product is critical to successfully negotiating pricing and reimbursement challenges during launch.

We are uniquely positioned to help you identify the payer value drivers and understand the evidence requirements for payers and health technology assessment bodies. Utilizing our broad network of payers and local country experts, allows us to conduct payer value message testing to develop a robust and validated payer value proposition, ensuring the full value of your product is captured and communicated to payers.

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You guys are awesome. Your expertise and responsiveness are second to none. Without your support we could never have achieved an EU launch

Senior Director, Marketing

Excellent Work, the project ran very smoothly and we appreciated your efficient approach and delivery of the final recommendations.

Company CEO

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